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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mid-summer surprise

Great view. No sleep walking
This hike to Tricouni peak was a bit different than I expected for the end of July .Due to the cool spring there is still a lot of snow in the high country. Even the high lakes were still frozen.The mosquitoes and black flies were still on duty during the warmer part of the day. I could walk right on top of the snow although if it got really hot for a few days I knew this could change and I was without snowshoes. There was a high avalanche danger so I just made shorter trips from my base camp on that scenic, rocky cliff. I saw and heard a few thundering avalanches from the high,steep slopes as well as a couple of thunder storms during the days. Not my usual summer trip.
    Although it was still warm and summer down the mountain,I stayed at this altitude exploring the old forest and enjoying the view. One day as I was getting into my tent during a rainy session the water bottle slid off the edge of this 30 meter cliff into the dark. I listened carefully for hints where it landed or bounced but heard nothing.This began my challenge over the next 2 days to figure out where the heck this thing had landed. Finally I found it upside down in a crack on a ledge about 3 meters below the tent. It had spiraled right in like a football. It was useful to have because I was using a lot of fuel to melt snow whereas with the bottle I could carry water from the melted runoff below.      
     This trip started with a climb up high falls canyon where there are a few fixed chains and ropes. A thick cover of moss coats the lower forest floor, soaking up moisture in the air below this dark canopy. A thin cover of moss and lichens cling to the dryer rocks on the benches as you quickly climb up through the climate zones in this steep canyon .Above the waterfalls you meet  a logging road which climbs astonishingly high, almost up to the alpine. This is where the late snow began. During that brief period when these peaks are dry and warm is truly a great time to get up there and take in the views.....maybe in the fall.